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Tab Creations Presents...

Z-GoGo Fitness

Powered by the Most High!

About Us

Z-GoGo Ministry is a complete wellness program geared to a better and healthier you. Originally started February 11, 2012 in the Heat Haven Studio on Good Hope Road, SE

with only five students and one hired instructor.

Inspired by a native Washingtonian,

Z-GoGo combines the love for GO-GO Music with a vigorous 45 minutes of cardio workout/dance and an additional 45 minutes of body toning using organized routines specifically tailored to an all GO-GO music workout set.

Taught by certified Instructors,

The Creator and Produced by Tricia A. Barnes/TAB Creations.

Z-GoGo helps you lose weight, promotes a healthier and better you, and enhances the spirit, mind, soul and body as well as fellowship amongst peers who once loved to

"Take it out to the GO-GO!"

Motto: Just workout,

don't care where you do it, just do it!