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Tab Creations Presents...

Z-GoGo Fitness

Powered by the Most High!


Sabbie Stayfit Marie What I like most about Z-GoGo is that it's FUN!!! I also like the music, and how the workout targets the entire body!!! We come together to knock out the workout routines, supporting one another. It has been a great experience for me, and has helped me discipline myself with being consistent. THANK YOU Tricia! Oh yes, and most importantly, I like the quote you have us to repeat after every session!

Kei Kei Wms I love the playlist from Saturday’s class and the high energy the instructors bring, especially Lisa. She is an energizer bunny! Even when I'm tired my energy is immediately restored once I'm done with the class. Also I love that kids 15 and younger are welcomed for FREE. I'm going to try to rearrange my schedule so I can make it to the weekday classes.

Sana Doinme Butler I don't like I loves me some original The whole 90 mins long killer workout is what I need and the atmosphere is very genuine and family like. I hate when I miss class but will be back next week for sure. Txs Tricia A. Barnes

Reese Swann What I like most about zgogo is the actual working out. The gogo music helps. But I feel like I am more focused on the workout and all working together to do our best why we are being tortured (we are tortured a little...I'm just saying). LOL! The atmosphere is not judged and we are pushed to give it 120%. I was just talking to Kadia about this on Tuesday. So it’s funny you asked. #zgogo

Mahogany Child I love the feeling of warmth and friendship that's instant when I enter the room and the ZGoGo team is present. My favorite routine is by Lisa Kenner. I don't know the name of the routine but it’s the funkiest ever and anything that Ed does. I Love It!!!!!

Tahneezia Hammond Can't begin to say enough about zgogo. I went to start getting my fitness goals started and gained a friend. Tricia A. Barnes and her zgogo team are the best. The location. Now the new added locations and the price can't be beat. I owed it to myself to get fit and healthy and I choose the right place. I refer and praise zgogo any chance I get.